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impudent1, we actually DO NOT WANT this issue to go away and, though no one here has addressed it, what the online community might really NEED, is help with the issue initially raised and the subsequent topics that follow from it.It is obvious that people posting here are not interested in solving a problem but enjoy engaging in a "lynch mob" mentality of bad-mouthing a person or business with which they have little or knowledge or experience.We will continue to post information regarding fraudulent and deadbeat customers as well as those who choose to utilize stolen credit card information.We will post it on this thread and any other thread we find.We do graciously offer coupon codes that we enclose with orders and we can guarantee the coupon code is valid through the expiration date listed however we are interested in learning why you would shop with us a second time (and attempt to utilize a coupon code) if you were unhappy with the first order. We kindly request that you not comment unless you know the specific facts of an individual case concerning this, or quite frankly, any situation.If you know the specific facts of this case and the DV8, we are not meaning to be negative or confrontational, we are posting for the purpose of trying to find legitimate people on here that could actually help us, perhaps, people on here that might know more than others we have contacted thusfar.

KOF, are you insinuating that the person who wrote this complaint used a stolen card or committed fraud in some way? Even if the OP has not checked the comments herself, you can bet someone has emailed her by now. I think you should all check Better Business Burea, had 15 complaints in the pats 12 months, I think no comments needed, sucks, do not shop there.

Whenever people intentionally post comments erroneously, incorrectly or irresponsibly, about a business, or engage in the many other types of fraudulent activity, including payment and shipping scams, etc., they, of course, have the potential to negatively affect the business including cutting jobs (potentially YOUR jobs) and raising retail prices (the prices YOU pay); these are just the very first ripples felt of that stone that is cast into the water.

We wouldn't be responding to these comments if we didn't feel so strongly about this issue SIMPLY BECAUSE THE INITIAL POST IS NOT TRUE..if our post can help EVEN ONE BUSINESS OWNER from getting taken advantage of or becoming the victim of fraud as we have experienced, then we are grateful to be able to help. I was going to order from this company but after reading the com[plaint and the comments I'm going to give this company a wide berth. I know I would sue if I ever saw my information spilled by a company on a public site. Thank you to all who have posted on this site in response to our comments; you have, albeit and we surmise, unintentionally, created a venue for us to bring to the public's attention, people who have been involved in, engaging in or are, perhaps, considering embarking upon, the business of internet fraud.

Would you be "APPALLED" to know that NONE OF IT IS TRUE?

Is it okay to intentionally and publicly post lies about a person or a business with the specific intent of hurting them?

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We are SICK of people trying to take advantage of others, as we have personally fallen victim to it so we know the tedious and labor intensive actions that follow for the one who has been violated and from the reprecussions that follow. WE ARE A BUSINESS THAT WANTS NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, NOTHING to do with fraud and/or scams in any way!!! ...if, maybe, someone actually STOLE YOUR credit card information or is using YOUR shipping or billing address illegally..might print the information concerning the perpetrator here..., until someone creates a site for soley business owners...

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