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Ali has a theory about why, in a developing country where women are traditionally veiled and even unproven allegations of blasphemy can stir mob violence, he has been so free.

“People, a lot of them don’t have access to even a decent meal and if they are starving you cannot make them interested in art instead of food,” he says.

Particularly, being associated with someone attractive of the opposite sex can make someone look more attractive to potential mates, too (i.e., mate choice copying).

However, being associated with someone attractive from the sex can make someone look less attractive to potential mates as well (a downward comparison).

Pakistan remains deeply bound to strict religious norms, though art bursts from unexpected places, such as the acid-trip trucks wild with bells and bright, elaborate images that traverse the country.

But in recent years Karachi’s concrete sprawl has become home to a rush of galleries and dealerships bullish on the country’s art market as a new generation challenges constraints that date back to the Islamization of the 1980s.

Overall, given these results, it appears that social learning does play a role in our dating and mating preferences.

After you “swipe and match” (or meet through friends), sharing your attractive personality and highlighting your unique features becomes essential.There was a difference in the third study, when same-sex paired pictures were used.In this context, participants found pictures of potential mates less attractive when paired with attractive same-sex friends.All of these effects primarily rely on just the two people interacting, though.What about the friends, associates, and lovers already in our social life? After all, previous research suggests that men having fun with friends makes them stand out to women and getting fixed up through friends is often a main way people find love.

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I have also discussed how particular ways of grooming, dressing, and looking are important for attraction in photos, and in person.

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