Issues on sedating mental patients

Principal community visitor Maurice Corcoran, who monitors how long mental health patients stay in emergency departments, welcomed the review."The longer someone is stuck in an ED who is acutely unwell, the more likely it is they will deteriorate.

Everyone acknowledges that," he said."They need to be in a specialised acute unit where they can be observed and can have professional staff working with them and supporting them."It's too early to say the system will be fixed, we will be monitoring it."In the wake of the review, the SA Government has promised a new mental health leadership structure and a single mental health clinical director for each Local Health Network.

This risk may increase for users who use both marijuana and alcohol (Pacek et al., 2013).

Although results are mixed, there is some research to suggest that marijuana use in adolescence, particularly frequent or heavy use, is associated with the development of anxiety disorder in young adulthood (Degenhardt et al., 2013).

Often medication is available to assist with symptoms and this can be managed by a skilled general practitioner.

It found lengthy waiting times were putting various pressures on patients and health workers.

Patients are often "sedated and shackled and a number have 'code black' incidents called because of aggression and agitation," the report found."This is a serious human rights issue that is not well documented or reported."There appears to be a culture of adapting to the issues and accepting them."Last financial year, the average length of stay for mental health patients in an emergency department (ED) was more than 13 hours.

Studies have also found that frequent cannabis use in teenagers predicts depression, as well as anxiety disorder, later in life as well, with daily users carrying the highest risk.

Young women appear to be more likely to experience this effect (Patton et al., 2002).

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If you seem to be frequently depressed or anxious after smoking marijuana, or if you are having suicidal thoughts after smoking, marijuana may not be safe for you.

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