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If you’re a nomad wanting to remain all legal-like, you’ll need to take all these things into account.It’s amazing how many mundane details in life are dependent upon having an address.A lot of the resources you’ll find on the web may be several years out of date.The rules for establishing residency in a state will vary widely by state, so it’s important to fully research the states you are considering for your situation.We sum up a few of the top reasons South Dakota, Texas and Florida are frequent choices of full-timers below – but this sort of information can quickly become outdated.For sure, do your research and be careful where you get your research.It also makes sense to establish as many connections near your new address as possible to prove your intent should it ever come into question.You need to also be aware of what the local laws are for the places you actually find yourself staying at and have connections to.

Most of the obstacles center around one critical choice – where will your legal permanent address be if you’re no longer maintaining a fixed home?

Some are more difficult than others, and the sequence of what you need to do first (get an address, driver’s license, register vehicles, etc.) can vary by quite a bit.

New identification rules for getting a driver’s license can make it more and more difficult for a nomadic person to meet the requirements.

The state you originate your nomadic journey from may actually not be at all advantageous to you as a nomad.

In some states, you can establish domicile mostly remotely without owning or renting property.

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