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Later in life when someone suggested he publish his funny stories, he was shocked: he compared them to open privies.Incidentally, the one thing that the Kinsey report, Tripp’s has never been out of print in English or in a number of other languages.Tripp has interesting “new” material on Lincoln’s encounters as a young man in New Salem, Illinois (where Lincoln lived from 1831-37); he reports on “contacts” with merchant A. Ellis and fellow lawyer Henry Whitney, the last observing that Lincoln seemed always to be courting him: Whitney also reported that Lincoln said that sexual contact was a “harp of a thousand strings.” So what form did these contacts take?One hint is given by Billy Greene, who shared a bed and a grammar teacher (not together) with Lincoln in New Salem around 1831.Even the great Mae West, our first commanding sexologist, was convinced that fairies were simply women, obliged, through no fault of their own, to inhabit crude male bodies: Plangently Doctor Mae mourned her lost sisters.Predictably, most Lincoln authorities prefer to ignore the implications of the Lincoln-Speed letters.

At about that time I met Tripp, whose posthumous has at last been published by Free Press.

One finding that Tripp uses in evaluating Lincoln: Kinsey’s research showed that those males who entered puberty early were more apt to seek homosexual outlets if only because girls were out of reach.

They were also less apt, as they grew up, to have sexual hang-ups of the sort late bloomers did because society has more time to indoctrinate a teenager than a nine-year-old.

His ground-breaking book (1975) firmly “discovered” that homosexuality is inborn, not acquired.

What Tripp learned from Kinsey and associates is a way of gauging the hetero-homo balance in men.

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