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Hence females prefer males who can make them laugh, because humorous males may be able to give their offspring superior genetic benefits in terms of intelligence (Miller, 2001).

Additionally, the ability to make someone laugh requires a certain level of social intelligence in terms of appreciating and understanding what someone else does and does not find funny. Heterosexual romantic preferences: The importance of humour and physical attractiveness for different types of relationships.

Therefore, even though males and females report that they find sense of humour in a dating partner desirable, for males at least, this means preferring a female who appreciates their humour, rather than being attracted to one who makes jokes herself. It is like they like it, but at the same time seem to want to rescue me from it... They ain't never been nothin' dumbers ever tweeted on the...You can tell a lot about a person by their bumper sticker which is basically a nice way of saying everyone who has a bumper sticker on their car is crazy.So having established that most of us desire someone with a good sense of humour, we now need to explore in more detail precisely what we mean by this.In a study by Bressler, Martin & Balshine, 2006, participants were asked to think of the following.

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But make even a little mistake and you could have found yet another platform to be rejected on.

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