Interesting questions to ask on a dating site

Interesting questions to ask on a dating site

I had a work friend leave the company recently and I knew right away what quotes were hers.

Heck, every time we’ve had someone leave the department, I’ve been able to tell what quotes were theirs.

You have a big butt you can help me [pick out something that would look good with my own big butt]” or “Oh, you get it with how big your hips are!

” or the most common: “I’d rather you help me due to your size!

What do you think about this approach to exit interviews? I would have no problem is a report was complied in HR and used there and by upper management, but the report is emailed to all staff.

It is great fodder for speculation about who said what. Their attempt at transparency is a good thing, but when you have a staff that’s on the smaller side, you’ve got to consider whether people will be able to stay anonymous.

Apparently these comments have happened before to coworkers who have since left and would more fit in to the “plus-size” image. These are obviously putting a mental strain on Jess and making a thankless retail job even harder.

The key, though, is to really probe into whatever answers you receive to the sent-in-advance questions. ) or otherwise you may just end up getting canned answers that won’t be very useful to you.” And recently there are new skinny jeans, which we are supposed to be promoting, and when Jess tells customers about them, they laugh at her for presumably suggesting that plus-size women can wear skinny jeans.They also have complained to her about other people who work here due to their size, such as Andrea, who is very slim and petite, and even our store manager, who wears some things from the brand but is more my size in that she doesn’t necessarily “pass” as a plus-size women.But the store should give you all some guidance about how to handle customers who complain about smaller-sized women working there, even if it’s just to say that you all love fashion, regardless of size.(They should have better messaging than I do, but I’d imagine it would be something along those lines.) 2.

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It sounds to me like the “I’d rather you help me due to your size!

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