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Hetalia dating flash game

Gilbert didn't trust his words at the moment, and this confused him, normally he would say something awesome but right now, but he was too embarrassed to say one damn word.He saw her mouth twitch in some anger but it was slowly disappearing, suddenly he heard the female Canada say "I… " After the, -ahem- accident, Canada took Prussia to the living room and had told him everything about how she really was a woman, and how France assumed she was a boy because of how big and vast the land she had. (Of course I also like America/Canada (Alfred/Matthew) too)I love Canada even though I'm Americain I dont own Hetalia sadly...

So when Canada wants to tell the other nations the secret, Prussia isn't happy. :(Note: Sorry if I mess things up, I'm new to Hetalia and know a little bit from what I read/watched.

So lets have pancakes with maple syrup to celebrate!

" Gilbert yell as he roughly opened the door to Canada's room, he had snuck in the house earlier and wanted pancakes made by the second most awesome person in the world, Canada.

But the thing that was odd about the Canadian who stood was, his body was curved more like a woman's body and the fact that two female breasts could be seen under the shirt at the chest area from his body, not only was that was strange, but also the fact that his hair seemed to have grown a bit pass his shoulder now making him look more like... " Matthew said with a pout on her lips as she crossed her arms under her chest making the albino stare at them as they bounced once.

Gilbert didn't say anything but he did stare at chest making Canada twitch in anger and so in a flash put her hands on her hips and said with some anger "Gilbert Beilschmidt, answer me…"Gilbert looked up and said trying to cover the fact he had stared at her chest again "Okay, I can understand that you would want the awesome me to know what you plan on doing, but I don't want anyone to know about you really being a girl.

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Hi, I blame my sister for getting me so into Hetalia, because of her, I can't stop thinking about it.

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