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Tigrinya and Tigre are closely related to Ge'ez, with at least four different configurations proposed.Some linguists do not believe that Ge'ez constitutes the common ancestor of modern Ethiopian languages, but that Ge'ez became a separate language early on from some hypothetical, completely unattested language, The foremost Ethiopian experts such as Amsalu Aklilu point to the vast proportion of inherited nouns that are unchanged, and even spelled identically in both Ge'ez and Amharic (and to a lesser degree, Tigrinya).Today, Ge'ez remains only as the main language used in the liturgy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Ethiopian Catholic Church, the Eritrean Catholic Church, and the Beta Israel Jewish community.However, in Ethiopia, Amharic (the main lingua franca of modern Ethiopia) or other local languages, and in Eritrea and Tigray Region in Ethiopia, Tigrinya may be used for sermons.Ge'ez distinguishes two genders, masculine and feminine, which in certain words is marked with the suffix -t.These are less strongly distinguished than in other Semitic languages, in that many nouns not denoting persons can be used in either gender: in translated Christian texts there is a tendency for nouns to follow the gender of the noun with a corresponding meaning in Greek. Triconsonantal nouns follow one of the following patterns.The language originated in southern regions of Eritrea and the northern region of Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa.It later became the official language of the Kingdom of Aksum and Ethiopian imperial court.

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Lambdin also notes that the construct state is the unmarked form of possession in Ge'ez.

Ge'ez is a prepositional language, as in the following example (Lambdin 19): These enclitic prepositions in Ge'ez are similar to the inseparable prepositions in Hebrew.

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The Proto-Semitic "emphasis" in Ge'ez has been generalized to include emphatic p̣.

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