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She is also known to talk abnormally loudly (such as in The One With The Apothecary Table) and for her bossiness and unnatural organizational skills (such as The One On The Last Night). Aside from being a neat-freak, Monica can also be bossy and somewhat competitive, hating to lose in competitions.

"Neat Freak" Monica is comically obsessive about the state of her apartment.

She also lived with Phoebe Buffay, across the hall from Chandler.

Phoebe moved out because she was worried that their friendship would suffer due to Monica's obsessive tidiness.

Monica's competitiveness could stem from her constant attempts to make her parents proud of her, and for her to be praised, as opposed to living in Ross's shadow all the time.

But chaos intervenes when Monica and Chandler find out what they're up to.

What Ross didn't know was that Monica jumped into the lake to retrieve it.

In the series finale, while trying to rescue the birds Joey bought, she managed to destroy the foosball table, without using tools for most of the process.

Ugly Naked Guy is moving out, and Ross tries to get his apartment, but he has serious competition.

In the scene where Chandler and Monica confront Joey, Joey's arms change position from shot to shot.

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In at least two instances, for example, his arms change from spread out to down at his sides.

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