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He was the runt of his litter, he had bright pink skin around his eyes , a light brown nose and pink paws. It was not easy for him to interact with other dogs so he usually attacked them and there was no greater delight for him than scaring someone off their bike! He would sit on the counter so patiently in the morning while he got his eye drops, blood sugar taken and then his medication. RIP Francois 12/12/06--10/6/17 Thank you so much for the sweet paw print, snippet of hair and the nice poem. Roscoe was my life and every moment I spent with him was cherished. He was always there whether I was happy or sad and loved taking pictures with me.

He never yelped once at a blood sugar stick or a shot. Roscoe and I were alike in a lot of ways and our bond was unbreakable.

Scarlett woke me up repeatedly at 3am to go outside and sniff around for WAY too long as I tried to maintain patience waiting for her. She was small enough to tag along for many road trips. We are devastated and him so much..least he did not suffer with an extended illness, but the sudden shock is unbearable.

Coco was loyal, smart, kind, and the most beautiful Golden you ever saw. I will miss you Coco - I love you more than you can ever imagine and I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge xoxo Our big bear dog is gone. We got Cinnamon because someone shined a light into our children's bedroom late one night and we knew we needed a dog for protection.

We won't ever have another like you baby girl and all of us miss you like crazy.

When we go to get ice we expect you to come running and sit waiting on your ice cube, or when I peel potatoes I expect to hear you come and whine for a piece.

He helped us through many trying times and did not ask for anything in return but our love. Snow Angel, you will be in my heart all of my days. When we met her she was a puppy (6 weeks old) and we were trying to decide between her and her brother, but Cinnamon crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. She was not an easy dog, over the years tearing up many items like cell phone charger cords, blankets, sofas, jackets, shirts, underwear, towels, she loved to eat anything she found on the floor.

We will miss all your hops when you barked, warm snuggles, juicy sneezes, cinnamon bun tail wags, how excited you were as we played fetch, running to the door to smother us with love, sweet pug kisses, endless snorts, your handsome self in your fancy bow tie, our walks which included you smelling EVERY mailbox, your little dances as you got fed, floating like a captain on your pool raft, soaking up every ounce of sun, your excitement for each and every car ride, watching trash tv with me (since your dad isn't into that), running to the fridge or pantry every time we opened it, your love of cheese, and your zest for life. I will cherish those memories every single day of my life. It was raining so hard with loud thunder and lightning.As she grew bigger she you couldn't tell her she wasn't still small. She did arrived at the Ponde Vedra animal Clinic in a nice beautiful box ,with beautiful messages. The Mendes Poobah started her life as the runt of a litter of feral cats.It was nothing for her to sit in your lap or on your foot and would pretend she couldn't hear you when you told her to move.was fun and loving and learned how to smile showing all her teeth when she was happy. Cancer unfortunetly spread thru out her body without control.:(. She was so tiny when I brought her home that she fit inside the pocket of my hoodie.We can't leave birdie he's apart of our family as well. He always waited on the stairs for me when I was gone, even had to be picked up and put to bed when I was out of town. It seems odd to be writing a memory of Scarlett, as we were just making new memories a few days ago. He will always be missed, but I'm so glad we have the paw print impression and tons of photos to remember him by.Scarlett was a third sister to my two daughters, she was a member of our family. We lost our best friend to aggressive lung cancer - he showed no signs at all until the last day of his life.

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Thank you for your kindness and help in a sad time. You were three months old and you were the most beautiful kitten of all. Every day I wake up thinking that everything has been a dream, that you continue here.

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