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Well, at least he didn't have it dynamited like those other religious whackos.Though you'd think that covering up nude statues was a cause that only attracted doddering crackpots.The Spirit of Justice is represented as a female figure, draped in a toga-like garment with one breast exposed.Now the US Attorney General John Ashcroft, a hardline Christian Fundamentalist, has ordered the statue to be covered up and made chaste, with US,000 worth of drapes manufactured for the purpose.According to this, I am scheduled to die on Saturday February 26, 2067, aged 93.Which makes me feel a bit better about having passed the big two-eight.From The Onion: Judge Orders God To Break Up Into Smaller Deities, finding the Judeo-Christian Deity to be an illegal monotheopoly.

Perhaps you start off in Generation Y, and graduate into Gen X as soon as you lose your interest in extreme sports and MTV and replace your Limp Bizkit records with Yo La Tengo or the Dandy Warhols or somesuch, and your Big Yellow Shorts with a black turtleneck or possibly an ironically-worn 1950s gas-station-attendant shirt or somesuch.) Abandonware news: Desqview/X released into the public domain (though without sources).I've been looking around Audio Galaxy (with the Linux client) and it's brilliant.For instance, I just found out that there's a lot of Field Mice stuff listed, including long-deleted vinyl-only gems (songs like Humblebee, Song 6 and so on); not to mention live Slowdive tracks (albeit some let down by dodgy MP3 codecs), Lush rarities and even some Paradise Motel (other than their cover of Drive, that is).The range is much wider than on Ka Za A, which is mostly widely available things.Which is good if you're a teenage mook wanting to pirate the latest rap-metal hit, but not so good if you're a dedicated trainspotter looking for obscure old singles and mixes.

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We lined up outside the Metro (a former theatre, which is now a teeny-bopper nightclub of some sort) with other fans; one contingent had an English flag (that's the red-and-white Cross of St.

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