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Information on workers who have joined the employment insurance programme between 19 was obtained from the Korea Employment Information Service under the Ministry of Labor.

Information on each worker included the identification number, sex, date of birth, date of joining and leaving the insurance programme, occupational group classified by the Korean Standard Classification of Occupations (KSCO) and the industry of the company as classified by the Korean Standard Industrial Classification. The cohort data set was sent to the Korea National Statistical Office (KNSO) for matching deaths between 19.

Results The highest age-standardised mortality rate was identified in KSOC 6 (agricultural, forestry and fishery workers; male (M): 563.0 per 100 000, female (F): 206.0 per 100 000), followed by KSOC 9 (elementary occupations; M: 499.0, F: 163.4) and KSOC 8 (plant, machine operators and assemblers; M: 380.3, F: 157.8).

The lowest rate occurred in KSOC 2 (professionals and related workers; M: 209.1, F: 93.3).

Agricultural, forestry and fishery workers showed the highest mortality, but the total number of observed deaths were minimal due to this category having the fewest overall person-years.

For this reason, we presented the absolute difference in mortality rate and mortality rate ratio between professionals and elementary occupations.

Agricultural, forestry and fishery workers showed the highest ASR for mortality (male (M): 563.0, female (F): 206.0), followed by elementary occupations (M: 499.0, F: 163.4), and plant and machine operators and assemblers (M: 380.3, F: 157.8).Differences in mortality rates between KSOC 2 and KSOC 9 (M: 289.9, F: 70.1) and the rate ratio of KSCO9 to KSCO2 (M: 2.39, F: 1.75) were higher in men.The most prominent mortality rate difference was observed in external causes of death (M: 96.9, F: 21.6) and liver disease in men (38.3 per 100 000).Rate differences were the differences between ASRs of KSCO9 and ASRs of KNSO2.In total, 8 762 340 workers were eligible for analysis (table 1). The most common occupational groups were crafts and related trades workers, to which 25.4% of males belonged, and clerks, to which 37.2% of females belonged.

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