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Snappy essays are what it takes for you to stand out in the dating crowd and, more importantly, attract the people who are right for you. Check out these sample essays to get an idea of what works. I don't know where to begin in describing myself, but since they say here that detail is important, I'm just gonna look around my apartment and tell you all the things that make me unique... :) About the one I'm looking for A partner in crime, a weekend football fan and a girl who can make me spit out my food because she makes me laugh so hard. Having a solid relationship with your parents is good. It's not a problem if I want to hang out with the guys on Saturday night, because you're hanging out with the girls and we're still having brunch on Sunday morning. Follow these 5 simple steps and you'll be on your way: 1. About me My best buddy just got engaged off of this site and his fiance's a total winner, so I figured I might as well give this a shot. The Old Man and the Sea, Fight Club, and Rum Punch... If you haven't found anything in common with me yet...let's just hope that opposites attract. My perception of an ideal relationship We spend lots of time together, but not an unhealthy amount. The good news is that the details are all about you, and since you've been hanging out with yourself all these years, it should be simple. Need some help in getting to the heart of the matter? If you get a new mountain bike, suggest a ride as a date idea. ), a single strand of Mardi Gras beads, a SAE pledge paddle... a photo of me and my dad fishing when I was 8, a rack of four rods that he left me when he passed away, and a baseball mitt signed by Mickey Mantle (Dad was from New York)..into the living room... Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Eminem and some 70's classic rock that I sing out loud to in my car (but only by myself)...a few books that I'm currently juggling (I was the rare English/Finance major)... Maybe a bottle of pinot grigio, maybe a little bit of kissing, and then, well, we'll let you decide the rest...Notice that they're fun, conversational and chock-full of very specific details -- both little day-to-day things and the big picture ideals. Respect is huge - because if you don't respect someone, you're gonna try and change them - and if you're trying to change someone, you shouldn't be in a relationship with them.About the one I'm looking for I'm proud to say I've kicked my "bad boy" habit, but that doesn't mean I want a nice guy who bows to me when I enter the room and has no opinion of his own. A spontaneous guy is hard to find - the kind of guy who will take my hand and say, "Today we're going white water rafting," and then throw me my bathing suit.There has to be a balance, a give and take, and the guy I end up with will naturally strike that balance. Oh, and being able to quote verbatim from the "Breakfast Club" is kind of nice too.

I'm American by birth, Italian by tradition, a world citizen by experience.

Love unconditionally and give more than you receive.

And if it's right, you'll feel like you're the lucky one in the relationship.

We appreciate each others' good qualities and can laugh at each others' bad qualities.

And if you don't think you have any bad qualities, well, that's a bad quality right there.

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If I'm in love with you and you're in love with me, we both feel like the luckiest people in the world. I've been with all types and at the end of the day, only one question remains: Will I care what this woman has to say to me over dinner eight years from now? Common interests help, but respect and admiration are more important.

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    A 2009 study claims that 4 percent of teens ages 14–17 have claimed to have sent sexually explicit photos of themselves.

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    The site has 1.4 million registered users, so the opportunities for making friends and meeting new people are never-ending.

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    I'll tell you -- the lion's share of scripts most people get are romantic comedies, because for whatever reason the studio thinks that's money in the bank.

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    You can find hundreds (of not thousands) of loose women looking to get down and dirty using their phones.

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    If not then best to err on the side of caution and call for help yourself.

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