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Kwapis sums it up this way: “People are very contradictory creatures, and we are capable of behaving one way in one context and a very different way in another context, and I think that’s what makes us human.” Unlike Schnitzler’s critique of hypocrisy, Kwapis wanted to have a “more forgiving attitude” towards his characters and feels that “those flaws are the things that actually make them human.” And these characters do have flaws.

Their choices and actions sometimes seem inconsistent, futile, or fleeting in their recompense – the characters might even be fully aware of this.

The 1991 film He Said, She Said, which he co-directed with his now-wife Marisa Silver, got him thinking.

That film looks at a relationship from two different perspectives, the man’s and the woman’s.

She has also landed a role in A Hologram for the King, an upcoming film based on the Dave Eggers novel of the same name, which will star Tom Hanks and is expected to be released later this year. The new international roles don't mean Knudsen has left Denmark behind, however. Knudsen's turn in Borgen earned her an Emmy Award nomination for best actress in 2010 and the series has joined previous successes The Killing and The Bridge as Denmark's most successful TV exports.

This is accompanied by self-questioning that’s made overt in brief voice-overs of the characters’ thoughts. These people occupy that large gray area of moral ambiguity on a traditional scale of morality. Kwapis has created a film that makes you re-think your judgment of others (the characters), which in turn can lead to consideration of our own behaviors in personal relationships and what we want out of them.

Kwapis creates the complexities and contradictions – the theme – at three levels: in terms of story, or what happens in the individual characters’ lives; the juxtaposition of them into a loosely structured plot; and, the specific formal ways the film is constructed (as in shot composition, editing, etc.).

An independent feature financed by Showtime Independent Films, Sexual Life originally premiered in June 2004 at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

And veteran director Ken Kwapis, in his debut as a screenwriter-director, has created a provocative film.

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