Does my computer keep updating shut down

Every time it shuts down i get a message that it is performing one Windows update...

even when I might shut down ten times during the day.

This is just a way to get around it at the moment if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for them to install.

You’re working on your laptop and you realize that it’s time to go.

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I saw the updates log, all updates failed to install any help to remove these updates ?

There are two steps in the Windows Update process: The downloading part of the process you probably don’t even notice, since it happens in the background even when you’re using the computer.

Or it might happen overnight, when you’re not using the computer.

So the updates are downloaded, and then they’re just sitting there waiting to be installed.

At this point, if you don’t do anything with your computer, those updates will be installed automatically at 3 am the next day.

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In a few rare cases, a Windows Update has been known to cause a problem, but that’s very uncommon.

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