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This is my first pregnancy and was very happy when I found support from netmums.

I believed this to be a group off supportive, caring women who are all in the same boat.

I now have a lovely 8 month old and another on the way !

Lol Wish you best of luck xx I was just reading your thread and have had similar.

Even if I barely felt them at all, probably due to the fact I didn't even get a bump til I was 5 months with her. It's very appreciated, still trying for baby no.2 and waiting for real kicks that I miss, but after 3 mcs still not getting anywhere xx So sorry to hear what you are going through. And tested for chlamydia which can affect implantation.

I did have scans after at 5 3 and 6 3, sadly I don't have them and still trying to get hold of them, I knew it seemed a bit off after my first, but it was just because of the fact I was pregnant 5 months after having my first I wondered if there would be movements that would feel like kicks but obviously exaggerated because of it being such a short time xx Thank you everyone for your support, I don't know what I'd do without netmums!

Wondering as with 2 out of 3 of my full term ones I had phantom kicks after, when I wasn't pregnant! But organs can shift out the way early so could have been that?!

I would definitely push for investigation after 3 losses. They almost refused me because my 2nd of the 3 was a stillbirth so technically not a miscarriage and they weren't going to but I kicked up a fuss.

My bump has also popped back out, I look 4 month and I'm only 8 weeks.

Already got a son so hoping for a baby girl but happy either way 💞 I am not pregnant, but occassionally I feel what I thought when pregnant was a kick. It does not even have a heartbeat, never mind legs.

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I don't know what this "kicking" is and even though lgicallu I know it can't be baby kicking I am stop confuse to what it is. I'm pregnant with baby no 2 and I've felt similar..

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