Dating your mom

She complains sometimes that her thighs are too big. She won't admit it, but I think she's scared sometimes. A few months ago, a friend of my mom’s called me and asked if I’d like to get together for coffee.I had met her at my mom’s house a couple of weeks prior and we had a nice talk.I’d never dated anyone close to her age (early fifties), but I found her attractive, incredibly smart and funny (she’s a college professor), and really sexy in a way that I wasn’t used to.Fast forward to today and we are having a lot of fun together. ) But she cooks my favorite food and kisses me goodnight and tells me every single day that she loves me. If she does any of that for you, you'd better remember how lucky you are. Yeah, she can make me mad, and I do stupid crap to get her attention or get back at her for not letting me go to that party last weekend. Jack's mom let him go, and his grade is worse than mine!

I must admit, I don’t know what to do with this one. You and she (girlfriend, not Mom) have to talk about this before you do anything, though, because there’s a major element I’m a little unclear on: why are you telling her?

Our relationship is not super close and I don’t think she’d rend her garments over this, but I don’t think she’d be too thrilled about it either.

Mom disapproves of a lot of things without getting too worked up over them, and I think this would fall into that category.

So no, you’re under no obligation to let her know you’re dating her friend. (One of my sisters has the same arrangement for Christmas.)My husband, who has very little family and none nearby, has gone along with this, but I know it’s not his ideal way to spend the holiday.

Well, this year, he’s said he wants one year where this day is about what HE wants, and I can’t disagree that he deserves it.

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You might be in her life for a day or a few months or even the next thirty years. If you stick around for a while, and you and I get to know each other, don't expect ever to take his place. But even when she comes in to wake me in the morning and her hair is crazy and she doesn't have on any make-up, she is still the prettiest girl I've ever seen.

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