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As He kindly and firmly said to the woman taken in adultery, “Neither do I condemn thee…now go, and sin no more.” (Tolerance of people who don’t live the gospel is simply loving them and giving them the dignity and respect afforded to all of God’s children.She doesn’t live with same-sex attraction, but facing single life and the isolation and heartbreak that comes with it is similar in both cases.Worry less about marriage than becoming a follower of Christ.It takes a lot of effort, a lot more effort than I imagined when I was younger, for the gospel to actually work and bring happiness, at least in my case.But it’s definitely worth it.e did not fight a war in Heaven to be single or unhappy eternally. He prefaced his talk with a short story of a survey done of adults 20 years ago.This one is huge – I used to be obsessed with the fact that I wasn’t married, even after I had “paid my dues” with a mission and everything else I thought I needed to do. Much more important is following Christ – and then, when marriage is in the plan (in this life or the next), the Lord will make it happen.We are surrounded by perils on every side; it’s not enough to just get out alive, we need to help others along the way.

I thought that, in order to be happy, I would need the Lord to either heal me or answer my prayers.but, like her, I’ve also felt the need to do what I can to make a difference.If you can’t bear the challenges of life today, with your trials, happily, then you won’t be able to bear it when greater blessings, greater trials, and greater responsibilities come.I’m going to write in my own thoughts along with some of my notes on the talk.The fireside began with his wife – Kristin Oaks – who shared insights that seemed really applicable to my life.

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(And from my own experience, many, many people now believe that even sexual morality is relative.

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