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So there we were, both having revealed really private but pivotal parts of ourselves within the first five minutes.And in this vulnerable moment, he shifted from the class clown I had remembered in high school into a very real person who had also gone through his fair share of suffering and shame.But I felt the conversation only coasting along at a superficial level, and my interest in him was waning.So I decided, as an experiment, to "lead with vulnerability" and tell him what I usually avoid discussing until I know someone better.

But I had suffered such extreme isolation in my own body as doctor after doctor told me that nothing was wrong with me, despite the fact that I had tested positive for Lyme.After we ordered, he asked me politely about the reason for my dietary restrictions, and instead of evading the question with a vague reference to "health issues," I told him that I have Lyme disease and have been seriously ill for the last three-plus years.As I told him about it, I watched the expression on his face shift to one of interest—interest .In that moment, I got the meaning of vulnerability, which before had just sounded a bit like a buzzword popularized by Brené Brown's TED talk, "The Power of Vulnerability." Vulnerability meant sharing with the other person the was what made him connect to me, because in that moment I became real.When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, the last thing I wanted to do was announce it, even to my social media world.

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I decided to edit my list to just gluten and dairy, and he chose a Mexican restaurant.

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