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Dating sites with email contacts bahrian

I understood that the airfield also served as a staging post for military flights, but that was a relatively unimportant role. On one airtest were flew up to the salt flats beyond Sharjah to look for an overdue Jetranger.

Old, not bold wrote: Bureimi Airways Flight 001 to Sharjah was called on the PA Surely that should have been "Yimkin Bardain" Airways. Unfortunately, it was lowered again by the crowd of rowdies who lived on the airfield waiting to supply air transportation services to the TOS Yeh, it was us. As we overflew the old base the pilot had to say it was Sharjah, I would never have known.

Google has let me down but I have faith in PPRu Ners to come up with the goods :ok: Yep, the old fort is there (my work place as a member of the Mountain Desert Rescue Team) and the old control tower (now in a museum complex) and, of course, King Abdul Azis Road is the old main runway.

I just thought it would be cool to wander down the street and point out to Mrs Sisemen where my room was etc etc etc - difficult to do that when extrapolating from an oblique photo! Unfortunately any magnification of the magnificent photo taken circa 1976 pixelates out without being able to determine too much detail (such as where my block was! However, an excellent site nevertheless.:ok: I have a 1972 UK Mo D 0,000 map for the whole UAE, apart from western and southern Abu Dhabi (it's actually several sheets taped together, of course.) This includes Sharjah, probably as it was a few years earlier when the data were collected.

I remember him walking into our quarter in Akrotiri after a month away looking like Jimmy Edwards and I recall my Mums' first words to him (while pointing at the bathroom) was "Shave it off now! to remove the 'th' part of the photobucket link which was making the picture small. Must be USAF with all those people for just one bird.

:ok: Does remind me of when a couple of USAF Phantoms lobbed in to Sharjah - enroute somewhere. One of its sister 51 Comets is now on display at RAF Duxford.

They give fabulous detail of the area of Buraimi which interests me, with its two airfields, Hamasa and Dau'di, about which I am trying to cobble together an article. You will see the 1964 aerial photo in the museum at Al Mahatta. The only way I can think of is to get selected areas colour copied on A3 and mail them. Having been a member of 51sqn and crew on 655, I don't recall that it was ever 'based' in Cyprus.

I have other aerials taken earlier and some modern views of King Abdul Aziz Street. It's based on photosurvey overlaid with tracks and other topo.Actually - Percival Prentice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( (G-AOPL) .......Trucial Oman Scouts and flown to Sharjah in 1967; I left in January 1967, so most likely there earlier.Out of general interest here's a photo of Dubai taken back then. :ok: Prentice (I think) tail only, in the picture, what & why please I'll surface from oblivion to say it was mine.He had just got his licence and rejected all offers of advice from the RAF officers about calculating Prentice take-off performance at 6000ft.The demo flight and deal were done at sea level, and the RAF officers got the next plane out.

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You can probably do a lot better better, but if an A4 scan centred on Sharjah is any use I could provide it, towards the end of next week.

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