Dating schrade uncle henry knives dating to relationship transition

Dating schrade uncle henry knives

Man, I got outbid on a 130T this past week, went for a shade under . Im still trying to learn about all the various models.

You choose the condition you are willing to settle for. #148 - bought new in about 1966 , still shaving sharp - bottom one is a new in box sharp finger , given away with guns ammo magazine subscription in 1983 - blade has never had wrapper removed , plate in handle is stamped guns ammo - Wooo a couple of special Schrades there. I never had more than a single Schrade pocket knife but now I see how cool they really are to collect and use.

I sent it to Buck with a note asking how much it would cost to have the blade replaced.

About three weeks later, it came back to me with all new blades and a coupon for 25% off a new knife if ordered online! And all it cost was a couple of bucks for shipping it to them.

That said, the original 110 had 440C blade steel which held an edge forever and was twice as strong as the 420hc steel used in 110's today but 440c was a real bitch to resharpen!

Schrade also made special runs of LB7 with drop point blades for the hunters.

they go for a dear price, but at least, you got a shot at something old.

A Schrade LB7 was the first "real" knife I ever had, given to me by my dad. Mine was made in the USA, somewhere around '82 or so. I have a brand-new Buck 110 that I have no doubt is just as good.

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Have had one for forty years and it has never failed to date.

Either one is a knife I would rely on if I had only one knife I could have in a survival situation. Watched him cut hundreds of tomatoes to eat over the years. I have a Schrade LB7 stamped USA I got new 30 years ago with the original leather case. I hear so much about the Buck 110 I just wondered how they compare. I took a 7OT and polished the handles on it with a palm sander, and what a difference!! No more sharp ridges on it, and it looked like it had been carried in a pocket for years, and yet it was brand new.

I have several other old Schrade folding knives and they are top-knotch and I have several Buck fixed blade knives but I've never liked the looks of the Buck folders. The Uncle Henry LB7 has the wooden handle and is much like the Buck.

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Well in a few short days , I have added to My single Schrade Old Timer340T. Other than that, its very mint with box and sheath.

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