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Outside the office, these women use their type A careerist energy to become multitasking machines — they run the board of their favorite charities, challenge their men on the ski slopes, have a healthy post- attitude toward threesomes, decorate to Martha Stewart's standards, make steak chili on game day, and, while dishing it out, present a solid case for why the Steelers should go for it at fourth and one.The men who love them may be struggling like their dads did in their 40s, but for altogether different reasons: The old midlife crisis was triggered by the pressure and routine of providing for a family that relied on a guy for survival; the new one — which comes before kids, often before marriage — stems from trying to keep up with a woman who may not need him at all.For over a decade, I have worked over the phone with a handful of women. So click here to tell me your main question about understanding men. You are right on the money when you say to pay attention to a man’s actions more than his words but as a 51 yr old divorced woman I am struggling to find a normal, kind man to have fun and date.Even as my knowledge grew, even as my status grew, even as my practice grew, it has always bothered me that I didn’t feel more connected to my clients. A man who puts effort into planning a nice evening or wants to do something fun, or even take a nice long walk.How things have changed: Job security went the way of the pager — now the average man will have six gigs before he turns 30.

I had to do something different to get a different result. For the past year, I have been working on reinventing my entire business, with the purpose of offering better coaching at a more affordable rate. They are so jaded by their marriages/ex wives that they are clueless in the dating dept. Believe it or not, these are serious existential dilemmas. I reached out to mentors who kindly explained how to run a business that made me feel more connected AND served women more effectively. Then it dawned upon me: Who did I forget to ask for feedback? And while I’d like to think I have a grasp on women’s needs after listening to you for 12 years, I’m humble enough to realize there must be SOMETHING I’m missing. It’s not easy for me to be publicly vulnerable, but I gotta say, it does feel good to let you in to what I’ve been feeling privately for a long time. In fact, most of my anxieties stem from my career as a dating coach.For the last two and a half years, David, who works for a bank in New York City, has shared an airy duplex loft with his girlfriend, Emma.In addition to helping run their successful small business, Emma is an attorney who throws fabulous dinner parties for their friends, collects mid-century chairs and designer cocktail dresses, and is the first to offer the futon when a buddy of his needs a place to crash.

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This man is a 50-year old management consultant, he is smart and funny but looks like he hopped out of bed and can’t walk 10 feet without his back or legs hurting as he is 50 lbs overweight (I even gave him that benefit as he was working on losing weight). I had to let him down nicely yesterday as he already considered me his girlfriend after only 4 dates.

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