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Dating lawyers tips

There's everything from the hippie enviro-law attorneys sporting ponytails and beards to the hotshot corporate types who have a closet full of identical tailored suits and power ties.

Lots of legal professionals are super Type A-style competitive, and the adversarial attitudes they develop in their working lives can bleed over to their personal lives. It's neither uncommon nor predominant, but it comes up more often than might be hoped for.

In her insightful book on why men don't call women back after a date, Rachel Greenwald lists this 'Boss Lady Syndrome' as the #1 reason men run, based on a survey of thousands of men. They like to feel useful and wanted, even though they know full well that you can open doors and run companies on your own.

Remember that guys admire and respect a woman who can take charge and kick ass. Receptivity is a quintessential feminine quality, so if you want more good men in your life, be receptive to their offerings. Smart women are waiting for love to show up versus showing up . Good men will come out of the woodwork to find a goddess like you. You always possess the power to elevate others, so why wait? You'll never say 'all the good ones are taken' again.

They will want you to look like them and sometimes it’s good to agree.

This one's a toughie—it's difficult to speak generally about such a broad group of people.

Guys respect , "In intimate relations with men, I want to major in feminine and minor in masculine." 3. If love and meaningful companionship aren't more important to you than a project, paper, or pet, then you can skip this part entirely.

Thanks to their profession, where they are trained to dress well.

There's minimal correlation between a guy's resume and how good he can make you feel. If his company isn't fulfilling, you're probably with the wrong guy. So they're experts at twisting themselves into knots of doubt, indecision and self-sabotage.

While most of us think lawyers are objective, argumentative or hard to deal with and definitely not the right choice for dating, there’s another more positive way to look at it.

Still, based on my own experience dating lawyers, I may be able to infer some loose generalities.

A lawyer partner is more likely to be persistent in their questioning if they're suspicious or jealous or angry. They can stubbornly and obtusely argue a point into the ground long after you've stopped even caring about the discussion any more.

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