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Dating for  dinners

What most people don’t know is that the producers of dating reality shows such as “The Bachelors”, “The Bachelorette” or “Average Joe” actually spend millions of dollars to create the right atmosphere and settings in an effort to engineer the process of falling in love. When you are alone drinking wine on a private multi-million dollar yacht overlooking the most romantic sunset, anyone would fall in love…

A young New Yorker we'll call Minerva Mc Gonagall* was tired of dipping into her savings to keep up with her Manhattan lifestyle.

Mc Gonagall's roommates played the money-saving game as well.

In fact, Mc Gonagall first learned about online dating after watching one of her roommates go on extravagant outings every night.

I received a call today from ABC News asking me to comment on a story about Jessica. They would never allow men to pick them up from their home (because they don’t want them to know where they live), and they would only meet them in public places.

If you haven’t heard of Jessica, she is a super sexy 23-year old single girl from New York City who decided her ,000 a year salary is simply not enough to make ends meet in the Big Apple. Join, pay a month in subscription fees to the online dating website and find men who are willing to take her out on dates and pay for dinner and drinks! They would schedule dates every day of the week, rotating from a list of men they kept on a spreadsheet.

I wonder how many of you generous guys out there would still want to go out with her then?The girls also let each other know where they were going for the night.And they never let guys pick them up at their apartment and instead met up at a public location.Perhaps it is her financial predicament that is making her emotionally unavailable in the first place. When you have to worry about paying your rent or your next bill, falling in love is the last thing on your mind.I bet, if someone was able to take Jessica’s financial worries away, she might just become emotionally ready and available.

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She also stopped eating lunch and opted for a light breakfast to save even more.

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