Dating behaviour

Dating behaviour

A breadcrumber keeps their metaphorical bird interested by leaving a trail of morsels that may hint at a future meetup, but when questioned on the topic, are stubbornly vague on whether a relationship will actually blossom.

Serial breadcrumbers can range from the dater that likes your Instagram posts 53 weeks deep, but never actually gets in touch, to those that regularly text you just to ‘check in’, but fall off the map again after a brief flirtatious conversation.

Stashing is the newest dating term on the block you’ll want to fear.

Crisp country walks, cosy pints in the local pub, rushing home so you can continue your Netflix marathon on the sofa together…

Did they turn up looking ten years older than their profile picture?

Have they failed to ever acknowledge your existence on social media? Next time you’re retelling all of the gory date details to your friends and colleagues, consult our fail-safe guide to the modern dating terms to know in 2017 - so you can keep your anecdote short and sweet.

One of the more recent terms to emerge from the quagmire of internet dating might just be the most horrendous one yet.

The term doesn’t describe a fetish for rolling your potential partner in food, but more the act of leading a date on by contacting them intermittently in order to keep them interested.

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So mystifying is the whole business, that there is now an entire lexicon to denote specific types of recurring dating behaviour to help those experiencing it - the majority of it being, of course, horrendous.

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