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I suggest you don’t spend too much time looking at their shit, but if you haven’t heard about them before then I do suggest you head to reddit and search for them and take a look at their subreddits.They are a perfect example of the crazy cunts that guys like me have had to deal with growing up.I think this is due to being born in the divorce generation.

In the last three weeks I have had three times where a group of young women, college girls from the University down the stree, asked me for help while I was driving. This hot blonde chick tapped on my window and asked me if I would give her and her friends a ride down the street so they wouldn’t have to walk home in the cold rain. Women have pissed away any good will guys my age used to have towards them. Pussy is cheaper to come by, especially if you know some game, than candy on halloween. What do women have to offer besides a funhole to play with for 45 minutes?

This idea of women as victims falls on deaf ears when you spend year after year dealing with fucking cunts.

Team vagina can tell me all day long about how women would never lie about birth control or use men for child support and so on. The high school I went to, a little over a decade ago, had a Teen Mom(watch that show on MTV if you want a realistic look) or two in almost every single class I had.

Hell, get on some feminist sites and you will see feminists complaining about young guys, teenage guys, talking constant shit about women. Look at any male oriented areas and you will see it. I think many, if not most, young men wouldn’t allow a woman to go back to the kitchen and be barefoot even if the women begged for them to be allowed to be kept.

Look at rap music or the proliferation of the word gold digger. There is no ’till death do us part’, cause we all know that women are branch swingers or monkeys. I think women know this and I think that is why they are getting even more bitchy.

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To put it simply: You can’t kick a dog and not expect it to eventually bite the hand that feeds.

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