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He also helps Luis sourcing antiques for residential projects.

The more recently identified atypical L-type BSE strain was also transmissible to macaques.In contrast, the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, hereafter called classical BSE, or c-BSE) epizootic was maintained through feeding cattle with prion-contaminated meat and bone meals.Animal prion diseases were considered to be innocuous for humans until the diagnosis of the first cases of variant CJD in young British patients, which were linked to the consumption of beef products derived from c-BSE-infected cattle.The emergence of c-BSE dramatically increased the number of studies in the prion field: new prion diseases were identified in both animals and humans, and improved molecular and lesional discrimination approaches provided evidence that several different prion strains or phenotypes could be grouped under the terminologies of “classical scrapie” or “sporadic CJD”.Therefore, it appears obvious that global epidemiological studies devoid of fine discrimination between those different animal and human prion strains would be unable to highlight and identify if a particular animal prion strain could have a potential zoonotic effect.

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Scrapie is thus actually transmissible to primates with incubation periods compatible with their life expectancy, although fourfold longer than BSE.

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