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The meta argument I make at the end of this first chapter is very simple, that we have been through 3 great years of globalization. The dynamic globalizing agent of globalization 1.0 was Spain exploring the New World, Britain colonizing India, the Portuguese, East Asia. The second great era of globalization beginning with global--early 1800s right up to the year 2000. It shrunk the world from size medium to size small.That era was spearheaded by companies globalizing, companies globalizing for markets and labor. While you were sleeping it is the argument of this book is that we entered globalization 3.0 right around the millennium by accident.I kept going east to Colorado where I called Jet Blue to make a reservation. I asked them if they flew from Denver to Atlanta, no. As some of you may know, Jet Blue, the most profitable airline in America today, has outsourced its entire reservation system to basically housewives in Salt Lake City, Utah.I got a very nice lady on the phone and asked her what her name was. If you call Jet Blue for a reservation, you will get Betty in her bedroom or her equivalent. As some of you may know, Mc Donald's also began a pilot project last year where you drive up to the drive-in window, ask to order three Big Macs, three milk shakes and 18 french fries for the kids, you are talking not to the person in that Mc Donald's, but to a call center in Colorado where your order is being taken, your picture is being taken, your order and picture are zapped to that Mc Donald's where when you drive up it'll all be ready.

Only the new-new thing about this ear is that the dynamic agent of globalization in this era is not countries and it's not companies, it's individuals and small groups.

Tens of thousand of Chinese-speaking Japanese, running now the back rooms of not only major Japanese multinationals, but major American multinationals for their Japanese operation.

Get your mind around that, thousands upon thousands of Japanese-speaking Chinese running the back rooms of GE, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Toyota. One of the things I started to do was ask people, tell me where you when you discovered the world was flat?

So we've gone from a globalization built around companies to built around countries to one increasingly built around individuals and small groups, and please pay attention.

It ain't going to be a bunch of white Western individuals who dominated globalization 1.0 and 2.0. As some of you may know, in a wonderful Cabalistic accident of dates.

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