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Charmed 1x04 dead man dating rus eng

Angel hearing her say "One for the road." turns around smiling and kisses her. Wolframand Hart won this time and it's all my fault."Angel: "It's not about winning, Cordelia, it's about what's at stake. Because these words: "Don't bone my boss." ~ Untouched 2x04Because Angel smells and strokes Cordy's hair. ~ Redefinition 2x11Because Angel seems hurt when Cordy says they don't need him.Cordelia rests her hand softly on Angel's face and they stand quietly for a moment in the embrace until the phone rings. And in this particular scenario you were way more importantthan winning."- That Vision Thing Cordy: "She's got the big puppy love. You're handsome, and brave, and heroic (Cordelia notices Angel'ssmug expression) - emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turningevil and, lets face it, a eunuch."Angel: "Hey, how can you... ~ Dear Boy 2x05Because Cordelia imitates Angel spinning in his chair..."Hey, look at me. ~ Thin Dead Line 2x14Because the sexual tension in the book scene is through the roof.Laura.~.*.156 Little Heaven157 Leli1013158 glory fades159 shippercrazy160 Subject161 xo Crazy4CMM162 Vivianaley23163 Lorencey164 first_daywalker165 Brigie7166 Mirkwood Princess167 qtdramachickee72168 Dazzling169 onefly CHICK170 fraidy_bat171 tiny toon172 Star Dreamer173 miaaaa4174 ~*Romantic_In_California*~175 Wesleys Angel176 Mapledonuts177 that_70s_gurl101178 Little Misfit179 Little_Miss_Muffet180 Candy Girl181 *mags26*182 Sark and Draco Lover183 Calgaryfan2006184 -Cherry Pixie-185 Lady Zim186 Whitney86187 obsessed_aussie188 Crack of Doom189 Soeshie20190 Josette191 Anique192 Donna-Marie193 The_Magic_Box194 blueschild007195 Coop&Chino196 Fiana197 Naive Girl198 Dreamsinger199 jhlover200 tidbit2008201 Summerangel100202 Taylor203 spikemefantasy204 Sarah Masters205 sunnibehr206 Karbear3916207 Ren Lucy208 Immortallyused209 Sasy Girl210 MOTL6211 fan110680212 aikone213 sarah_4005214 Keepthefaith215 chucklehead216 bextera217 angelgirl218 Scythe219 Cati220 All Other Names Taken221 crzy4fun222 Luckystar23223 Jessica77224 Miraiazz225 Keie226 Maiden227 Devoted228 caramon229 angelgazing230 marjade71231 kylara232 vilandra1947233 Candy Girl2004234 Ms. "Angel: "As a friend and co-worker."Cordy: "Can I get some medical attention around here, people? Sure I hate looking and feelinglike this, but - if I lose the visions, I wouldn't be able tohelp you anymore. Because he lets her experiment with new tastes for his blood.Fiction235 Little_Silver_Sparkle236 Sarah R237 Midnightzstorm238 Spuffy4Life239 Leyton Fan Always240 elizas_dude241 Hermione Potter242 Adrimar_Jackson243 Stand by me244 Miela245 Claire&Charlie Fan4eva246 My Blue Baby247 Marsters Angel248 Laira249 Cordy Chase1250 Touldengal251 locaxox252 irishghost253 Neide254 fan110680255 Sweetie256 sarahk_4005257 ~*Jennifer*~258 bryangreenbergfan259 -alice-260 LL4ever261 xburningbrightx262 Crazy Beautiful-263 [email protected] Y264 wizardwitchvampseer265 **Rose**266 ~*drown-in-fate*~267 tojoson268 David Dominic4Ever269 Lexis270 doy271 I_Love_Jenna Jameson272 WBlover13273 *just_her*274 ellie_dakota275 eiluvial276 withafireinside277 Lessah278 Only Hope279 Zanders Gyrl280 william the bloody281 Lysee282 thegirlinquestion_x283 Crystal_Scott284 brathan&brucas285 Mel Belle2286 Shining Light287 tootyfnfrooty288 naturellebella289 Cotton Candy290 Pumpkin_Pie291 Lo Ve-Story292 Amy_UK292 Gretchen Pie293 Brenda Says Hi294 Semperance295 Nika Dawson296 Immortally Used297 fan110680298 fraidy_bat299 ayera300 Mockingbird23301 Dance With Life302 izzie_fan303 amy2345304 courtneybangelcakes305 Sin*306 beautifullauren307 Miss Marie308 Lazy Cat309 Hermione Potter310 House24fan311 ayebaybay312 Mad-About-OTH313 midnightxsunshine314 bbroccs315 kristin!!! "Angel: "Maybe love is too strong a term."- There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb Season Three Angel: "Easy, baby, what'd you see? You wouldn't need me."Angel: "That's not why I need you. And I, well I get off a good oneevery once in a while, but you..."Cordy: "Angel, are you trying to say you love me? ~ Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been 2x02Because Cordy worries for Angel when he acts strangely. Because she thinks "he's cool"Because Cordy worries that Angel could die. ~ War Zone 1x20Because Angel gets her humor and thinks it is funny. Because Cordy doesn't want Angel to die by shutting off the device. ~ Hero 1x09Because Angel watched Cordy and worries how she's doing after Doyle's death. Because Cordy tells Angel he doesn't have to be stoic about Doyle's death with her. Everything is gonna be okay."- Birthday(Cordelia and Angel are lying in bed with Connor.)Cordy: "I'm just saying a boat."Angel: "No. College fund and pay our bills and put a down payment on a boat."Angel: "We're not getting a boat."Cordy: "Hmm, they're fun."Angel: "They're expensive. Because Cordy tells Angel: "Now I expect a guy to be all brave and interesting. "Because they looked coupley during the scene when Harry and Richard first show up Because Cordy likes the way Angel's clothes look on him.~ The Bachelor Party 1x07Because she was worried about his brooding after Buffy's visit. Because Angel probably cleaned up the mess she made when she was baking Because it looks like Cordy is wearing one of Angel's shirts.

It is afraid."Angel: "I'm more afraid of her dying than she is. Because Cordy tries a way to make Angel want things in life.Welcome to the 239th Cordy and Angel Appreciation Thread! "Cordy: "You guys love us and we love you."Fred, Wes and Gunn chorus: "We love you Angel."Cordy: "They were all saying it earlier. Because Cordy is happy that Angel will become human.Banner by: issa"You're important.""As far as vampires go you're pretty cuddle-y."C/A Shippers List1 Steffi *2 *Emma*3 Andrea4 Cantinera5 Julie6 Kitty7 DHCgirl8 Miss Kitie9 Coni10 Keisha11 Emmangel12 *Gem*13 ~Nikki~14 Modwyn15 Loony 4 Lupin16 Selina_C17 Rach18 Colleen19 Priyaaa 220 Djchika20221 Princess Twilite22 Yoda-Mira23 Just Smile24 Phantom Queen25 Wacky Buffy26 Olympic Princess27 ewan's girl28 *Casandra Buffy Willow Fan*29 misery chic30 Liz Moore3031 Stacey20032 cookeemonstr22633 missdini34 Donna Lynn35 Caelum Amare36 Jetta Bug37 Candy*4eva38 Anglic Witch39 Sarah the spaz40 Mapledonuts41 Lucky A42 Roswellian8143 Sweetangle21pr44 Benjigab45 gunn/Heather46 Belle Melange47 louloucn48 Love Everybody49 High Voltage50 Skizzie51 Gwar52 sunnibehr53 Angel/Cordyfan54 Dublingal55 Candysoul56 Falllon_Destiny_Oak Moon57 buffyfan2558 faeriefolk59 100% Visionary60 JOIE's Podsters61 Legal Beagle62 Demeter00363 Karaph64 B/Slover65 Faith Parker66 angel/cordy forever67 Suzanne Evans68 Galaxy Girl*69 ~Janey~70 Jaime Bee71 starlight Mint72 *~Spikes Lil Angel~*73 Angel Champ1974 T'Lynn75 JJones76 Angel4cc77 x TLx78 slayer_fiend79 Tyeshia80 ~Judu~81 Lumier82 Jailynn83 Topaz Angel84 Jersey Charisma85 Tafty86 Dark B87 Andysgirl88 xextremex89 Kid Vicious90 jengarnerfan91 angel_wings0592 fractured moonlight93 Sydney Prescott94 Eye Of Botox95 **Jessica**96 jengarnerfan97 The Gal's got Charisma98 Bheryandcherry99 Babe With Attitude100 Rebel'n'Spuffy101 Spike's sunflower102 Little Misfit103 Soft Dive of Oblivion104 Little_Miss_Muffet105 Charisma_Lover106 Lyndsi107 ~*~Hopeless Romantic~*~108 ~Catrina~109 Timmy110 Behrlover18111 FFFan112 Task113 Erika. Just in case this prophecy comestrue and we all die. "Angel: "(clearing his throat and shifting) No."Cordy: "God knows we've been through a lot together."Angel: "That's really all I was trying to say, that we've been throughso much together, you and me, as friends. Because Cordy wanted to break out the champagne and celebrate when they learned Angel will become human.~ To Shanshu In L. 1x22Because Cordy got Angel to open up about his doubts and insecurities without any coaxing whatsoever.316 Burning Of the Sun317 Kelly_Dylan318 loverr41319 brazilian_fan320 NBalways321 pedalinginhummus322 wanderer78323 quicksand324 superscar325 Aerynv326 Nerenafan327 Crystal Dawn25328 rim_jhim329 Brittany28330 jateryara331 Verónica332 Sapphire10333 lisagslack14334 Daydreamer09335 loveslullaby336 vallerie337 AFatalist Till The End338 London Town89339 Melanie Erdelyi340 The_Void341 Angeli342 Hello_Sunshine343 clarkson_fan344 Keith Urbanfan345 southrnbygrace346 Jacquelyn347 Iviil Brown348 Annie Stace349 Stelena&Bamon350 love fades351 Mistified350 julyhsm351 beccyluvscangel352 lilaclullaby353 4brathan&brucas354 Blood Envy355 Subject87356 wickedrum357 starryeyesxx358 rizzoli-isles359 Katie_Jeanne360 jaimeem_123361 kristy_spb362 Lady Josie2412363 Lucas4Brooke364 Always CB365 heartlines365 B. Any guard who harms a human fromthis day forth shall have to answer to me! "- Heartthrob Angel: "Maybe he can make the noise stop."Cordy: "Yeah."Angel: "Isn't that what you want? You're important."- That Vision Thing Cordy: "Angel, what you did for me was unbelievably selfless - and brave, and amazing. I could soothe your ass off, pal."- Fredless Cordy: "Has someone been putting vodka in your blood? Because he let Cordy Drive his car ~ First Impressions 2x03Because Angel is totally charmed when she says "You can't fire me, I'm vision girl." and sticks her tongue out at him.Chambers366 zutfan05367 playground Diaries368 Marina369 Calgaryfan2006370 shut_up_ste371 twilightertee372 arakha373 flightlessbird373 Nate Blairlover374 funspunge375 Issa376 bellagrey13377 love378 Carolina95379 Si_Crazy380 ~*~ Zoey ~*~381 Lawlessaholic382 straws383 Ashes Fall384 Lauren James385 baelfire24386 sourburst"You just looked really hot doing that."credit: awakeningjenny"I could soothe your ass off, pal."Our Favorite Smooches You're Welcome Cordelia turns to leave Angel, but suddenly changes her mind. And it's so great to know that the next vision I have will just be blindingly painful and not turnme into Elephant-man or anything."Angel: "I hear a big 'but' coming."Cordy: "But what if that guy you freed is someone or something that's truly terrible? Because Cordy patches Angel up, buttons his shirt for him and pats him on the knee. ~ Guise Will Be Guise 2x06Because Cordy was really hurt when Angel fired her.

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"Cordy: "There's got to be some fun in our lives."Angel: "Hmm - I like a ski condo."Cordy: "Sure. Because Angel hassles her date in a slightly jealous/protective way. Because Cordy's Angel's seer, there to help him in his mission. ~ Expecting 1x12Because Cordy bakes at Angel's place.

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