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She has slept in the cot a few times but doesn't even try this any more.DS sleeps with the door shut, so she can't get near him when he is in the cot. DS doesn' t poke Hazel's eyes out and Hazel doesn't flay DS.

They are locked out of bedroom at night but are allowed in during the day and if I'm awake in the same room (baby sleeps downstairs during the day).

We simply kept dd's door shut when she was asleep in her bed and that was that.

Once she turned 3 we started letting the cats into her room and only one ever really sleeps there to this day - tends more to sleep on the chair in her room than on her bed with her.

We had 2 cats when the babies came along, and never once had any problems at all!

With the first we did the cat net thing, and then with 2 and 3 didn't bother. As soon as the babies were sleeping in their own rooms, their bedroom doors were always closed, so it was really only an issue when they were in the moses basket beside my bed.

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A lot of nervousness over cats and babies comes from old wives tales about the cat attacking babies in prams, etc. I wouldn't leave a small baby alone with a cat for fear of of the cat sleeping on the baby but the cat even doing that is in no way doing it to be mean.

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