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He is thus entitled to be your judge and jury and mine, example to us all, the dispensary of absolute approval and condemnation. Vulf I don't believe a person's 'preferance' as to their sexuality is anyones business!

These unclean and unbelieving, who say things like "trust your heart," "follow your bliss," "the heart wants what it wants," and "I only want you to be happy," these are the gobs in the gutter, the stains on the celestial garment, the Anti-Nebs! As far as TV goes and your theory, have wondered, What KIND OF SATELLITE the ancient Romans had that promoted 'gay love'? Its just not being hidden as much, and people are more willing to step up and state, THEY are no differant than anyone else.

It sure is an evil thing for a woman to know what she wants and go after it, especially if His Nebs doesn't understand or approve.

After all, women are supposed to conform themselves to his preconceptions and preferences.

a woman wished to share her hope and expressed her sincere gratitude to pof. Anyhow hope it all works out for them OK, you asked nicely, mom, so I'll answer this one. Our culture assigns certain traits of appearance and behavior to each gender, with more or less flexibility on each score, depending on the taste, fears, and prejudice of the time.

In Renaissance Europe, for instance, a gentleman wore lots of ruffled silks, strong perfumes, tights, and a prominent and easily removed codpiece.

The whole array of human expression is available to them, as it is to all of us. And they had more women flocking to them than they could handle. TV after all is only a mirror of the culture it presents.

As you might imagine, gay folk don't feel any obligation to conform to roles that, by definition, exclude them. Yes they are monogmous...........moreso then most hetros I know. Good Luck to the OPYou know vulf, you have just went back a few years to the hair metal days...those guys dressing like women, wearing make up and high heels. And as was posted a bit earlier, the growing acceptance of homosexuals in our society has nothing to with television, which the Greeks and Romans did not have.

i will never forget her words: "most people can be sexual with anyone. " not sure how nj and ny is right now on this subject, but when i moved to CA, i thought how much happier she would have been here. I dont understand the attraction, but I would assume a lesbian doesnt understand my attraction to men :)What I am curious is why people who are gay, want a partner that is like the opposite sex?

there, she could not walk down the streets and hold hands with her SO. that would be hard for me not to do with the one i loved.so, if for those who are constantly carrying around their homophobia, i suggest you look inward for answers as to "why". I realize some people made sarcastic comments above, but I really am curios. it is not meant as an insult just a question,albeit apersonal one.

Their humility, compassion, fellow-feeling, and well-wishing are the very foundation of evil, an evil any of us can witness, any weekday afternoon, by peering into the evil, evil joy in Ellen's goofy smile. I am not 'GAY', but I will NOT condemn anyone that is, NOR will I try to lay blame on society, tv, radio, or anything else. OP i am happy for you and apologize upon behalf of the "heterosexual" population for the homophobic responses in reaction to your happiness.

i hope you continue to log in and read this response, as you have understandably deleted your profile.

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