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Hopefully this guide should avoid those pitfalls with some margin to spare.Of other Fallout 2 writings I would recommend those of Whitechocobo666, author of the Endings FAQ, the Perks FAQ, the Weapon/armour FAQ and the Evil Walk-through; Steve Metzler, whose Steve's Guide to Fallout 2 was my original source of inspiration; Chris Avellone, co-designer of the game and maker of the Fallout Bible; and also Cristian Golumbovici. for checking scripts and stuff for guide version 1.0. The first time you play a game like this, you really shouldn't be using any kind of walkthrough whatsoever.Version 1.3 Written and coded by Per Jorner Let me enlighten you, grasshopper.Fallout 2 is cool because it's a nonlinear, nonclassbased kickass postnuclear computer roleplaying game with a high replayabillity value.Originally this game existed in five different versions: the US edition, two UK editions (normal and low violence), and two localized editions in German and French respectively. In the walkthrough, notes that are only relevant to the unpatched game will be marked with red stars, i.e. If you have any kind of budget re-release or new localized version I don't think there should be any need to patch the game, but for your own sake you should make sure.Before playing you should locate, download and install the patch (v1.02) for your version, since this will drastically improve performance and gameplay from the unpatched version of the game. Install the patch before you start playing, since saves made in the unpatched game will be invalidated.--Shadowman Welcome to my Fallout 2 guide/walkthrough.This guide exists because I realized that if I wanted the kind of complete Fallout 2 guide that I envisioned, it pretty much meant writing it myself.

I don't recommend cheating, other than momentarily for the purpose of experiencing things that you wouldn't normally see, or in a last-ditch attempt to save a doomed character.Virtually every piece of information or advice presented here has been verified in personal testing or playing experience, although I have of course consulted rather a lot of existing walkthroughs and board postings for snippets of information and things to try out.Sadly, many guides are either poorly written ("klammth this place stinks btr get sum quest!!! "), give embarrassingly bad advice ("So that's why I always tag Throwing, First Aid and Barter"), include patently false information ("If you keep the Pipe Gun in one of your active item slots it will give you Agility 3, it doesn't work for all characters"), or are glaringly incomplete ("I've heard there is a place called New Reno in this game but I never found it").Fallout 2 allows you to play your character the way you want. If you want to play an evil bastard, you can (Yes, you really can hit children in the groin with a sledgehammer).If you want to play a moron who can hardly talk because of his low intelligence, you can.

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To my knowledge there is not a single significant difference between the UK and US versions except for the children thing.

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