Bi and lesbian dating Free chat with naughty woman

Bi and lesbian dating

Photo: Ello Steph via Twitter I wish that I had someone like Steph around when I was a teen. Most of the entries on this list focus on one lady (or couple), but The Gay Women Channel features various different hosts for diverse series; sometimes the topic is sexuality or gender identity, sometimes it’s a cat video (because legally, every seventh video on the web must be a cat video) but you’ll always be laughing in the end. Photo: Carlie and Doni via Twitter This musical comedy duo met in 2005 and began writing songs about their IRL experiences (being unemployed, being single) which has branched out into just hilarious videos in general.

She’s a keen advocate of safe, consensual sex (as I hope everyone reading this is), honest about her own experiences with issues like bullying and dating, and promotes body positivity and self-love wherever she can. Basically, if you have a teen in your life send them to her channel (regardless of their sexual orientation/gender identity). They have several different series on the channel including The Lesbian Guide to Lesbianing, Pillow Talk with Adrianna and Sarah, Til Lease Do Us Part and Gay Aunt Barbara. How could you not like beautiful women with a regular segment called Wake N’ Bake where they do things like fry hot dogs in marijuana oil?

Also, as it’s now Halloween season, you should check out their video on lame couple’s costumes.

This adorable lady uploads vlogs about her day to day life, including drinking games, travelling vlogs, and prank videos where she tries to scare her (now ex-) girlfriend and epically fails. She also takes part in viral challenges like the Blindfolded Makeup Challenge, the Chicken Nugget Challenge, and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

She tackles the trans bathroom ordinance in a video entitled: “What if YOU couldn’t use the bathroom?

”, and mental health issues like anxiety and stress.

According to the song, if she likes cats, wears beanies and watches Orange is the New Black, “then you’re probably in luck”.

Photo: Ari Fitz via Insta I’m just gonna put it out there, I’m jealous of Ari’s life.

However, she also has a decent amount of comedy songs, like: How to know if a girl is a lesbian”, a play on the stereotypes that exist regarding lesbians.She says that you should start up a conversation about Beyoncé because everybody likes Beyoncé- that’s brilliant advice. Even my grandma wants to tell you that Beyoncé is beautiful (and her knowledge of current music stopped with Dusty Springfield). Are you about to hit subscribe on sixteen new You Tube channels? Photo: Sarah Croce via Twitter Has anyone ever called your face dumb and made you smile? Sarah came back from hiatus to ask you to judge her dating profile (I’d say she was braver than me, but she’s also more attractive than me so…) and make me snort coffee out of my nose.Actually, in all honesty, Sarah is my go-to for relatable laughs on You Tube. Ally Hills uses You Tube mainly to showcase her musical talents (and she has a lot) but she also does many collaborations with other LGBT You Tubers.

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