Belarus dating scams

Belarus dating scams

Belarusian Rubles are worth about 50 times less than Hungarian Forints, so this scam can take a big dent out of your holiday cash. They accuse the tourist of changing money illegally and want to see their wallet to check this or to let the tourist proof that they don’t have any counterfeit money in their wallet.

Of course, when you hand over your wallet, they’ll quickly and unnoticeably steal a few notes from it before handing it back.

Extremely attractive and successful people use online dating, sure, but do a sense check before you get too involved. Beware if they want to get you off the site immediately If your match requests that you move to online chat or personal email straight away, beware.

Scammers want to get you off the site before their accounts can be deleted.

These stories vary but generally involve someone losing a lot of money they could ill afford.

The distraction will enable the first scammer to get away unnoticed and will make sure the tourist doesn’t immediately check the received money again.

They probably won’t find out they’ve been ripped off until they want to use the wrong notes to pay for something.

Because of their excellent rate, the tourist is often encouraged to change more than he initially had planned.

However, what they pay for your Euros, Pounds or Dollars are not Hungarian Forints, but Belarusian Rubles instead, or a mix of both with the Forints on top.

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They also want as many personal details from you as possible.

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