Aunties sex site

Aunties sex site

I admired her apple sized breasts which were firm and upthrust. So now I have decided to use the education I am receiving and have devised a plan and expect to put it into effect this weekend. Setting down the street from my Aunties house I quickly run over my plan again. While I was taking a shower, my Auntie, knocked on the door of the bathroom and asked if I needed anything.

I know that I must have jacked off my cock a million times while fantasizing about fucking her. She constantly invites me over to feed me so I don't have to eat that "university food". My cock is so hard now just thinking about fucking my Auntie, but of course I have taken a Viagra and it normally keeps my cock hard for a couple hours even moving around.

I was pretty sure with a good fucking she was going to have an orgasm whether she wanted to or not.

So I keep a slow deep stroking in to her by now hot pussy.

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Ever since I was 12 years old and had watched my Auntie bend over in her lovely white pants with her perfectly shaped butt, I have secretly harbored a lust for her. My dreams are such that I wake up constantly with a huge hard-on. I was still concerned about my stamina, so I fucked a girl at the dorms earlier so I would not blow my wad soon as I stuck my cock in my Aunties sweet pussy. " As she steps away from me and glances down at my bulging pants and, "have you been drinking"? " I started to go into my planned story, about my date and the girl and I necking and I was so hot and bothered and when I held her close, she screamed let me go, and started fighting and I didn't know what to do, and she started crying out "Rape", and I was so scared that I just pushed her out of the car and came here to talk to you. " "It was just so awful scary." "Well maybe you should take a cold shower." My Auntie suggested while still noticing my erect cock straining against my pant. " As I head for the bathroom which is right next to her bedroom.

I shoved my leg between hers and pinned her to the bed and used my knee to raise her nightgown to her panties.

I had been dreaming about this too long and had planned to hard for her to stop me fucking my Auntie.I almost had my entire cock buried in her cunt when I felt the first involuntary twitch of her pussy around my cock.I knew the salve was having its effect and should make her cunt flush open in preparation for an orgasm.I moved my hips gently so as to let the salve on my cock tip penetrate her softer tissues and began to do its job.Just a few seconds was all it was going to take to have her vulva flushed and open from my penetration. My Auntie was crying now, "Oh Timmy, no, please no, I am your Auntie," as tears streamed down her cheeks.

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I reached down and grasped the sheet she was holding up and yanked it out of her hands and uncovered her.

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