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You tried to attack me for withdrawing from an altercation with antifas in Cleveland during the RNC to avoid getting gang-stomped, yet none of you keyboard warriors would dare make fun of your dear leader Richard Spencer for getting his shit pushed in at the inauguration, then running away to fix his hair and cry.

You accused me of “punching right,” even though I’ve never criticized anyone for being more right-wing than me: I’ve criticized them for their conduct, behavior, and lack of honor.

You think you “won” because public support has increased for preserving Confederate monuments?

The people are supporting important or significant.

For crying out loud, James Alex Fields, Jr., the Nazi LARPer weirdo who killed a woman at Charlottesville, is a perfect example of their breed.

Not only was the alt-right’s leadership failing to provide these young men with masculine guidance, as the “Third Jimpact” showed, they were actively taking advantage of their naivete and feeding their worst traits.

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—over the expressed wishes of his partner, Daniel Friberg, as well as everyone else involved with the site—for reasons so insanely petty and small I won’t repeat them here. Now I don’t need to wash your retarded stink off of me.

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