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Android saxparserfactory setvalidating

The book represents a print version of Eckel’s "Hands-on Java" seminar.In this example we shall show you how to get an Element’s Attributes using SAX XML parsing. Default Handler; /** * This example demonstrates how to extract text (CDATA) information * from the element in the source XML-document.Actually, SAX and DOM are sharing the same XML validation implementation.

Thinking in Java (’ISBN 978-0131872486’) is a book about the Java programming language, written by Bruce Eckel and first published in 1998.

Besides elements defined in our DTD, XML has a set of already predefined ones. Character data is a text directly inserted between start and end tags of the element. A concrete implementation of SAX-parser defines whether it will collect all CDATA before passage to handler or it will pass it there by their occurence.

Example below specifies how to handle CDATA blocks: import

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Application programs just need to extend Default Handler and override those error event handlers.

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