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[Read: 25 really easy ways to make yourself cuter and melt a guy’s heart at first glance! Don’t be too engrossed with your phone or a book, or something else.

You may be bored and trying to keep yourself busy, but chances are, doing that will make the guy who wants to approach you back away because you appear too busy to be interested in a conversation with him. Now this goes against the first tip on looking good, but there’s also a drawback of looking too good for the guy!

As shallow as this may sound, this is as simple as it can get.

To a guy, approaching a girl is all about first appearances.

And then, slowly turn your head away and look towards something else.

This is a more confident and bolder way of letting the guy know you’re interested. And for the quick and coy approach, you could look towards him suddenly when he’s staring towards you, catch his eye, and immediately look at a friend or look down in an obvious manner.

And contrary to what most women think, you don’t have to do something outrageous or provocative to get a guy to walk up to you and say hello!

Glance at him now and then, and make eye contact occasionally. There are two ways to look at a guy and let him know you’re interested.

But at the same time, don’t get too carried away and try to catch his eye all the time. And you can use them both depending on what feels comfortable for you. When you’re glancing across the room, look towards him casually and make eye contact with him for a few seconds with a small smile.

If you’re interesting and look pretty, you’ll catch his eye nevertheless!

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