Adventures in internet dating blog

Adventures in internet dating blog

I decided to take this approach because I am a firm believer in finding some form of hilarity while dating in order to keep one’s mood and spirits from being discouraged when you find more duds than studs, and so far, the duds have come about in full force.“Clueless and desperate” (or CAD for short) is what I have nicknamed the men who message me on dating sites, and failed to make the cut in receiving further communications from me due to their actions.I usually am adamant about online dating for a month or so, and then give up due to the lackluster dating options available.Being someone who is a social butterfly, loves going out, and willing to try new things, my dating profile seems to attract men who are the complete opposite; though opposites may attract, these candidates were not compatible to me.People erroneously believe that disabled women are not interested in dating, will date “just anyone,” or cannot be “picky” because they should be “grateful” to have someone being willing to date them in the first place.

Disabled women of color do date, and have to combat additional struggles when you factor race (and possible racism and fetishization) into our ability to be confident and foster healthy and loving partnerships that respect all of the identities we possess.It took me a long time to gain this level of self-assurance, and to realize that I am just as deserving of love, and healthy and fulfilling partnerships, as anyone else – having a disability does not diminish that at all.I fully love the image I see in the mirror; both flesh and bone, and metal, rubber, and plastic.I do not have to hide my disability because truthfully, it is kind of difficult to conceal 20-30 pounds of titanium and rubber.As my favorite – If I cannot be who I am with potential partners, then those are not the persons I need to be involved with, plain and simple.

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it is time to share what I have seen within the first week of restarting my online dating journey.

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