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Adult breastfeeding dating group

Those whose eduction was more than a high school diploma had a rate of 63.7%, a high school diploma 51.9% and less than a high school diploma 37.7%.

For men who have sex with men it was 67.7% (being 85.3% for those born in the USA and 35.4% for those born elsewhere) and for heterosexual men was 55.7%.

South Korea: 90-95% (at age 18, the average age for circumcision being 12 years) [Pang & Kim, 2002; Gopal, 2009].

The rate has always been highest in whites at 55% (born before 1890), 44% (1890s), 46% (1900s), 52% (1910s), 61% (1920s), 73% (1930s), 80% (1940s), 90% (1950s), 93% (1960s), 94% (1970s) and 88% (1980s) [Stern & Lachenbruch, 1968; Laumann et al., 1997; Xu et al., 2007].

Boys aged 11 to 18 in Chongqing – 17% [Yang et al., 2009].

Four regions of China, 2.7% amongst boys aged 3-23 [Ben et al., 2008]. Pacific Islands in general: High (most between 6 and 10 years of age) [Afsari et al., 2002].

Circumcision rate varies markedly between tribes that do and do not circumcise.

Circumcision is usually done later and rate amongst males over 15 years of age is 8% in Swaziland, 10% in Zimbabwe, 11% in Botswana, 12% in Malawi, 13% in Zambia, 14% in Uganda, 21% in Namibia, 25% in Uganda, 35% in South Africa, and 70% in Tanzania, 83% in Kenya, 85% in Ghana, 90% in Nigeria, 90% in Angola, 90% in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and 92% in Ethiopia (reviewed in[World, 2008b; de Bruyn et al., 2010]).

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And, in a 1995 report, the same group found a 65% circumcision rate [Richters et al., 1995]. In 2006 there were 1965 claims for circumcision of males aged over 10 by a specialist and 731 by a general practitioner [Medicare, 2007a]. The circumcision rate in 1037 men aged 26 who were born in 1972–1973 in Dunedin was 40% [Dickson et al., 2005], and in a smaller study in Christchurch was 30% [Fergusson et al., 2006].

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