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According to USA Today, “more than 75 artists have done Chuck Berry songs. Goode’ alone has seen at least two dozen versions.” This tribute to Chuck Berry has jumped around a bit, and it hasn’t told the whole biography as so much other media has done this past week.

This is the one movie with Chuck Berry in it you might want to check out. This is a list of Chuck Berry songs that have been heard on movies and TV in just 20 alone.The total list comes to over 235, dating back to 1956.I wonder what kind of royalty income Chuck Berry has received from the use of his songs. And he got money when other artists covered his songs on their recordings.Through radiometric dating of the rock layer the fossil was found in.Radiocarbon dating is not effective at the age range of most fossils, however potassium/argon, uranium/lead, and strontium/rubidium radiometric techniques are valid within those age ranges and have been shown to produce coherently matching values in independently conducted tests.

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