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Birds' eggs, not in shell, and egg yolks, fresh, dried, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water, moulded, frozen or otherwise preserved, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter: Oil of rosemary (for liquid albumins only) Crude oil of camphor (for liquid and solid albumins) White oil of camphor (for liquid and solid albumins) Sodium azide (for liquid and solid albumins) Diethanolamine (for solid albumins only) Article 17 Denaturing shall be carried out in such a way as to ensure that the product to be denatured and the denaturant are homogeneously mixed and cannot be separated again in a manner which is economically viable.Article 18 By way of derogation from Article 16, any Member State may temporarily approve the use of a denaturant not specified in column 4 of the table referred to in that Article.3 - 516Special edition in Slovene: Chapter 02 Volume 006 P.3 - 516Special edition in Bulgarian: Chapter 02 Volume 007 P.Where an applicant wishes to obtain the classification of goods in one of the nomenclatures referred to in Article 20 (3) (b) and (6) (b) of the Code, the application for binding tariff information shall make express mention of the nomenclature in question; any samples, photographs, plans, catalogues or other documents available which may assist the customs authorities in determining the correct classification of the goods in the customs nomenclature, to be attached as annexes; acceptance that the information supplied may be stored on a database of the Commission of the European Communities; however, apart from Article 15 of the Code, the provisions governing the protection of information in force in the Member States shall apply. Where the customs authorities consider that the application does not contain all the particulars they require to give an informed opinion, they shall ask the applicant to supply the missing information. The list of customs authorities designated by the Member States to receive applications for or to issue binding tariff information shall be published in the C series of the Article 7 1.

3 - 516Special edition in Estonian: Chapter 02 Volume 006 P.

3 - 516Special edition in Latvian: Chapter 02 Volume 006 P.

3 - 516Special edition in Lithuanian: Chapter 02 Volume 006 P.

Nevertheless, binding tariff information supplied nationally whose validity extends beyond 1 January 1997 shall be invalid from that date.

TITLE III Article 16 Classification under the tariff subheadings listed in column 2 of the table below of the goods listed against each subheading in column 3 shall be subject to the condition that the goods are denatured so as to make them unfit for human consumption, by means of one of the denaturants referred to in column 4 used in the quantities indicated in column 5.

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The thickness of the lines forming the sides of the rectangle must be 5 mm, and that of the diagonals 7 mm.

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