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"He is doing exactly what the government did to us in the beginning.

He's not asking how it's going to affect the people that live here." On October, 26, 2006, President George W.

Marisela Ramirez's hands tremble as she rubs them together to control the shaking.

They are concerned that there is a real lack of order," Father Carroll said. We can do both.""So the more we address the root causes of this issue, I think we are going to have fewer migrants crossing.

"To come up with a one-sized fits all solution for illegal immigration is crazy," Paredes told CNN.

"Because the border is so different along its entire links." Alicia Bon Martin, born in Nogales, Mexico, and her husband, Chris Martin, work and live on both sides of the Arizona-Mexico border.

Marcos Paredes has lived near Terlingua, Texas -- a former "ghost town" -- for much of his life.

He spent years as a law enforcement officer responsible for patrolling the Rio Grande.

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Taylor says she has had people from "all over the world" arrive on her property, and she says she has even found them in her living room.

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