10 rules dating my teenage daughter wiki

10 rules dating my teenage daughter wiki

Cate and the kids are going about their usual morning routine, waiting for Paul to return from the grocery store with milk. After receiving shocking news, she runs out the back door, clearly upset.

Cate is on the phone making funeral arrangements for Paul when Kerry comes downstairs in her father's Michigan Sweater and sits in his chair.

Cate's separated parents, Jim and Laura, come to visit and try to console the grieving family.

Rory also comes downstairs to make cereal and gets angry after realizing they still don't have milk. Kerry goes upstairs to get Bridgette who can't bring herself to come downstairs.

After Kerry questions her over the last conversation, Bridgette had with Paul, Bridgette snaps at her and quickly apologizes and goes downstairs with her.

Nick asks for Paul's last article because they haven't gotten it yet.

Cate still can't bring herself to go to Paul's work area.

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Bruce Cameron's book 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.

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